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Celebrating Ken McCarthy's 25th year as an online marketing educator

The long awaited System Reunion


Ken McCarthy’s 25th anniversary online

Plus a rare System Seminar Reunion

Live in Chicago – November 12 & 13


November 11
Evening Mixer
8 PM to 10 PM


November 12
System Reunion
9 AM – 6 PM
with group lunch


November 13
Free Range Day
9 AM – Noon

It’s been 7 years since the last System Seminar

So why are we meeting now?

Two big reasons:

#1 – I’m going to be in Chicago, our old stomping ground

I’m being honored by No BS Advantage Inner Circle (the new owners of the great direct response education organization founded by Dan Kennedy) for 25 years of contributions to the entrepreneurial world…So I’m going to be in Chicago anyway.

#2 – I have some important NEW stuff to share

Frankly, the last several years Internet marketing has been stagnant. Not much innovation. Just more of the “same old same old.”

That’s changed. Big time. So much so, that I’m ready to come out of retirement – very temporarily – to share the good news.

You’ve probably heard rumblings and buzz words like “Big Data” and “AI” (Artificial Intelligence)

Guess what?

The tools now exist for businesses like ours to take advantage of these powerful methods.

This is absolutely cutting edge stuff

What does it mean?

How about getting better leads for 50% to 90% less than you’re currently paying?

How about being able to scale your ad buys to previously unimaginable heights without breaking your ROI and in some cases even improving it?

How about knowing – not guessing – when a prospect is most likely ready to buy so you can blitz him with advertising at the exact right moment and get previously unthinkable returns on your ad buys?

How about knowing the digital identity of every person who visits your web site whether they’ve opted in or not and being able to target them with ads, emails, direct mail, digital radio and digital TV ads based on their likelihood of being ready to buy?

How about having leads delivered to you every week of people who are “in the zone” and ready to buy your kind of product or service right NOW?

Sound unbelievable?

So did turning a clunky military-designed network into a popular medium in everyone’s household and in everyone’s hand…

So did transforming that network into the most wide reaching direct response tool ever…

So did putting video on the Internet…

Nobody believed these things were possible before they happened – but I did.

Like many of the things I’ve shared with you over the last 25 years, you’re not going to read about this in an eBook or learn about it from a teleseminar – or even from the guy you’re buying $50,000.00 a month in traffic from.

But you are going to learn about it at the System Seminar Reunion.

Plus we’re going to have some of our old favorites re-joining us for this very special event – most likely never to be repeated.

The truth is putting on events – even small ones – while fun is a lot of work and there’s a lot of things I can do that pay a whole lot better.

That said, what could be more fun than getting together and changing the history of entrepreneurial marketing one more time – especially on my 25th anniversary online?

Do you have to be a System Seminar grad to attend?

I thought about limiting this event just to grads, but I know there are thousands of marketers who always wanted to attend a System Seminar and are kicking themselves for never making it to one. So the doors are open.

System Seminar grads of course will get a better deal to attend.

And System Club members, the inner circle of the inner circle, will get the best deal of all.

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